5 abstracts accepted at ISSP 2024

I am pleased to announce that 5 abstracts were accepted for ISSP 2024, which will be held 13-17 May this year in Autrans, Fance! Am these abstracts are two that I first-authored:

  • „Effects of Pharyngealization and Labialization on Formants in Tashlhiyt“ together with Anne Hermes and Rachid Ridouane
  • „Introducing ADA: A Tool for Articulatory Data Analysis“ with Anne Hermes

I also contributed to these three submissions:

Abstract accepted at JLB IV

I am happy to announce that my abstract was accepted at Journées de Linguistique Berbère IV. Perspectives coirsées sur les langues berbéres in Aix-en-Provence! The title of the abstract is: